News/ Let’s save the bees

Let’s save the bees

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23 MAY 2019 – THE PRESENT SITUATION  created by the climate change and the coldest may in Italy in decades is responsible of the loss of almost 20% of bees’ capacity to reproduce themselves. Queen bees  cannot perform their main activity being disoriented and weakened as they actually are.

In 2018 beeskeepers had produced in Italy some 22.000 tons of honey, a good portion of it being of the highest quality and certified organic, but this year beeskeepers fear a reduction in their chances to have the same production of last year.

SO WHAT can we do to help save the bees? The answer is simple to say, much less so to put into work: stop climate change, reduce water pollution , plastic consume, pesticides, carbon fossil generated energy. We know the story, we don’t know how to end it.

Sources: Banca Dati Apistica nazionale, Osservatorio nazionale del miele (Italy)

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