Buyfood Toscana


IT WILL BE an interesting day June 7th 2019 for the lucky ones – or well informed? – who will be at the Santa Maria della Scala in Siena . The magnificent location will host a workshop and B2B day for buyers and producers of the main certified quality products of Tuscany. The farmers and the consortiums of Igp and Dop, the acronyms for Indicazione geografica protetta and Denominazione di origine controllata, will show and promote their top notch olive oils, wines, cereals, honeys, cheeses and fruits. The good news is that those who will be there will have the chance to sample Tuscan products at their top. The not so good news is that only a limited amount of selected producers and buyers will be involved. In the end, it’s still a positive action taken by the Regione Toscana to promote the farmers’ activities and products and make international buyers understand what is the real meaning, and why it is so important to have them, of the certified labels under which many top quality Tuscan agricultural products are grouped and sold.

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