IT WAS OFFICIALLY introduced to the world of wine producers during last Enoforum at the Vicenza Convention Centre in May as the most updated and innovative way to test wine oxidation. It is called “Oxyless” and it is an experimental test to verify and calculate the oxidation of  wines, be they red, white or rosé.

person holding a wine glasses
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

The experimental phase of “Oxyless” will be held for two years in the Cantina Sociale Colli Fiorentini in Montespertoli (Florence area- Italy) and it is funded by the Regione Toscana (Tuscany Public Administration) through a specific Piano Integrato di Filiera (Integrated Agricultural Product Chain).

The main purpose in the use of “Oxyless” is to control the oxidative process that can alterate or even ruin the quality of wine, in order to have more palatable wines and of longer term flavours.

To have more info on “Oxiless” : www.oxyless.eu or contact Fabio Signorini at  Cantina Sociale Colli Fiorentini https://www.collifiorentini.it/

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