COULD PASSION for food and the art of cooking be a  passion as painters or writers or even dancers and performers do feel?  I have been blogging about food, nutrition, agriculture and cooking for years and still I don’t have an answer.

My blog “una cuoca pericolosa” (A dangerous cook) is one of the many ways  of my personal quest to find that answer.

As it often happens in long (even short ones) journeys, the best part is not to reach your final destination, but what you experiment and see while getting there.

I hope you can enjoy the reading, and cooking, I had  fun with in my blogging. Experimenting and writing of food can be both enticing and satisfactory and I keep doing it as I were just a beginner.

I know, it’s written mostly in Italian. My native language.

I wrote “experimenting my blog can be fun”. Never said it was going to be easy…