“LET’S DO IT” . How many times did you say these words in front of a challenge, a risk or simply a moment that was divergent from your habits? I wish you did many. I have a small child and I observe her more often than she is aware of. And when she doesn’t know that I literally look at her speechless, I keep discovering how much her life is full of fun and entertainment only because she goes through life as if her mantra were “Let’s do it”.

Useless to say that sometimes the results of her choices are disastrous, but most of the time she seems to enjoy herself greatly. And it doesn’t matter if the fun comes from shaping the mud or shampooing the dog. She is happy and satisfied. She goes to bed with a big smile on her face and her hands so rainbow-style colored that I can’t remove the ink no matter how much soap I use.

I have a busy life as the majority of the people I know do. Time for fun is shrinking faster than I can say and I don’t like it. So I thought I could take inspiration from my beloved daughter to have more fun in my life. “Let’s do it” will be my mantra too.

Do what? Anything I consider as fun, enjoyable, challenging, interesting and inspiring. Anything that can bring shining moments into my life.

I consider this as an open space and I would be happy to share your “Let’s do it” moments or experiences. Feel free and welcome to contribute, I will use this space to publish your contribution.

Mail to: francesca@franceskcommunications.com

The figurine above its a product of this fun. My daughter created the heart with face and body, I had it translated in a sort of standard pic. Smiling heart is her name so far. We are still looking for one that pleases us both .

Any suggestion?