THE WORD “LAB” is often associated with something that is not natural, maybe even armful. The “thing” we don’t want around food. But the laboratory is also the place where, from the very beginning of human history, people have gone to experiment, make things happen in their own way. Or taste. The laboratory has been the place where human creativity has come to life. So when I started thinking of what I wanted to share with my readers, and friends, and – why not? – customers, the word lab was the first that came to my mind. Laboratory taken in a very “Renaissance” meaning, a place and a mood to discover and experiment for the pleasure of finding paths to new. Even if “new” means mostly to have good time, and food of course, together.

SO FOR 2019 THE IDEA IS THIS:  let’s mix curiosity for food, love for unforgettable landscapes, passion for experimenting, a bit of interest for art history and a good portion of vacation-mood. Shake  with the enthusiasm of traveling in Tuscany and you’ll enjoy the cocktail of Leonardo Da Vinci Food Experiences. 

2019 is the year of Leonardo, so let’s celebrate the chef he was – Atlantic code shows us the recipe he wrote for food and drinks! – with the painter we all have inside.