SO FOR 2019 THE IDEA IS THIS:  let’s mix curiosity for food, love for unforgettable landscapes, passion for experimenting, a bit of interest for art history and a good portion of vacation-mood. Shake  with the enthusiasm of traveling in Tuscany and you’ll enjoy the cocktail of Leonardo Da Vinci Food Experiences. 2019 is the year of Leonardo, so let’s celebrate the chef he was – Atlantic Codex reported  the lists he wrote for food and drinks! – with the artist we all have inside. In the year 1519, on the 2nd of May, Leonardo Da Vinci died in the French city of Amboise. He was 67. He had achieved in his life what no other painter, engineer, architect and scientist altogether had ever achieved before. Or after. He was born on the 15th of april 1452 in Vinci,  a village thirty kilometers out of Florence, a small community nested in peaceful hills where Leonardo spent his first 16 years. A place that had a pivotal role in shaping his imagery for his future paintings. Everything started in Vinci.

So if you feel up  to know the man, where he was born, enjoy the view he grew up with and taste the food he was raised on, join the LDV Food Experiences we have created for the year of Leonardo Da Vinci. We will use the suggestions from the landscape and the paintings, the hints from skilled chefs’ recipes and quality food to experiment our creativity and, most of all, have fun, relax and enjoy time and company.

LDV Food Experiences are held in the very place Leonardo and other famous painters such as Pontormo were born and raised: the surroundings of Florence.


LDV Food Experiences  will start at 10.30 a.m. or at 5.30 p.m. so the meeting will be at the chosen time you subscribed for.

Meeting point: Empoli train station square

Moving to the cooking site

Focus on the influence the landscape had on painters’ drawings

Food Lab Experience cooking session

We eat what we create’

Time of experience: 3 hours

Food and drinks are included

Class: minimum 4, maximum 10 persons