I LIKE to write content for the web, be they posts, articles, stories. Or videos. Yes, videos. Any video has a written beginning that is later translated into images in movement.  A live story  that potentiates the impact of your message.  I like to elaborate the narrative arc that drives an idea from the beginning to the end, an effective conclusion, so it may stay in people’s memory as a gift. That’s what mostly videos and stories are to me: my long life treasure of precious memories collections. And websites are the perfect space to create them.  To stand out in the crowded arena of the Internet world, websites need to have many different qualities, but they mostly need to be a journey into what you care for and like to tell and share.

If you want to know what I can do to tell your story,  that of your company ,your professional activity or your non profit organization,  you can contact me freely.

I like to listen to stories as much as I like to tell them.

Contact me at: francesca@franceskcommunications.com