I DISCOVERED  my fatal attraction for stories when I was a kid in school. I liked to play with my classmates, but I loved to be where the stories (oral, written or filmed as they could be) took me. That passion had been my lifelong companion and turned with time into an essential part of my being an author, a journalist, a blogger… someone who writes to communicate with others and make a living. That passion is still there. I use it to turn a common story into a unique story: that of your company, product, professional life, profile. To make people, clients, visitors and buyers  know and appreciate what you do, sell, show or promote, you have to tell them your story in the most effective way.  And there is where my passion and twenty year experience in the field come in handy. 

I can take care of the printed press side of your company by writing press notes, setting press conference, delivering scheduled Newsletter or House Organ publishing.

I can write brochures and printed promotional flyers. 

If you want to know more about my professional experience and what I can do for your press presence in the business world, you can contact me at: