…a blond princess with very long and beautiful hair who lived secluded in the highest tower, guarded by a deceitful witch .

Does it sound familiar? Rapunzel’s tale usually does, even though many of us never saw the Disney movie or  read the short-story. But we all came to listen to it, sooner or later. And the details might have gone, but the core of the story remains: never trust someone who keeps you in a prison, as comfortable as it could be.

I have been fascinated by the power of stories since I can remember, it had all the magic needed to make the world intriguing and full of pleasant adventures for a blithe child, a thoughtful teenager and the narrator I have finally become. Only recently I learned that stories are due to stay with us, since scientists discovered that “stories are the essential building blocks of all human thought“. (If you want all the details on this, you may consult  “The art of storytelling” by John Sadowsky).

I love telling and writing stories, my own and those ones I come by. I turned it into my profession when I became a journalist and then an author and a blogger. Telling your story is the most effective way to make people remember you, your product, your Company, your website, your values. In a word, what you stand for.

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Credits for the picture go to brilliant and talented designer Francesca Rossi who keeps amazing me with her poetic though realistic traits and use of colors.